Addressing the problem of speech delay among children

Speech delay or Alalia is one of the most common speech disorders among kids in Queensland. It refers to the developmental delay of a child’s ability to speak. This involves deformities on speech organs or an inability to make speech organs function correctly. The good news is that a specialist in speech therapy Brisbane North wide can address such a problem.

When can parents suspect their child is suffering from speech delay?

Those who are suffering from speech delay usually don’t speak until reaching 10 or 12 years old. Therefore, the speech pathology Sunshine Coast experts suggest the earliest intervention possible.

Early intervention can help develop a child’s delayed speech better. It can diagnose other problems that cause speech delay, which includes hearing impairment and motor speech disorder.

Here are few signs that a child suffers from Alalia:

  • At 12 months, their child still doesn’t use gestures, such as pointing to different objects. The child doesn’t practice producing consonant sounds or communicate their needs.
  • At 15 to 18 months, the child still can’t speak basic syllables, such as “mama” and “dada”. It’s also worrying if the child doesn’t respond to basic words, such as “hello” and “goodbye”. Note that babies should have around 1 to 3 words in their vocabulary by 12 months, and have 15 words on 18 months. Parents may observe their baby having difficulty imitating actions and words too.
  • By the age of 2 to 4 years old, parents may observe their child still having communication problems. This can include the inability to talk fluently, and lack of language comprehension.

The symptoms on the 12-month mark alone are enough for parents to worry about speech delay. They should consult a speech therapy Brisbane North specialist immediately, especially when a child shows other symptoms on the 15-month mark. Waiting for the child to reach 2 to 4 years old may require complex therapies and treatments.

What causes speech delay among children?

Speech delay or Alalia have different causes depending on individual cases. However, here are few of the most common causes to take note:

  • The child is suffering from physical problems on their speech organs, such as lips, palate or frenulum deformities. This causes difficulty in forming words for speech.
  • Motor speech problem in the brain is a more complicated cause. This is the inefficiency of brain communication to speech organs. Thus, hindering the functions of such body parts.
  • A hearing problem can also cause speech delay. This is because of the language barrier between the child and the people around them.
  • Other developmental disability, such as autism, has speech delay as a vital symptom. Thus, it’s parents should consult other experts when they observe speech delay on their child. This includes autism Sunshine Coast specialists or child psychiatrists in the region.

Therapies to address speech delay

There are different treatments, techniques or methods in Queensland that can address speech delay. These different approaches can help address varying individual needs for each case.

  • Treatments for speech delay always begin with hearing tests processes. This is to make sure that the child doesn’t have any hearing impairment that possibly causes the problem. When the child is free from hearing disorders, proper speech therapy may proceed.
  • A speech therapy Brisbane North service is the most recommended treatment for Alalia. A speech pathologist will come up with the best solution to address a specific case. Depending on the cause, they will work with other experts for best results.
  • Occupational and physical therapy can help a child with problems in moving their speech organs. They can identify the best solution to correct deformities and movements. Moreover, they can help a child with autism as well.
  • Finally, the parents should cooperate for their child’s treatment. And there are a few easy techniques they can do at home. This includes reading clearly to the child and using a question to elicit a response. Of course, positive reinforcements can help a lot, such as giving rewards for every correct word.

These are the vital info parents should know about speech delay or Alalia among children. Knowing it can help them do the best for these kids with special needs.

Of course, parents should find the right experts that can help them. They can visit for professional speech pathologists and child psychiatrists. They also offer respite care among other services.